Donations are crucial to the library. Libraries offer free access to all but -- as with any home or business -- it's money that keeps the lights on, heats the rooms, provides the staff, buys reading material and furnishings, and adds value to our annual state report. By making a monetary donation to your public library, you are ensuring that the California community has access to all the services that the library provides. Donations of any amount are highly appreciated during any time of year and are tax deductable. Your generosity influences the amount of state and county aid our library receives. Please remember that our offcial name is California Area Public Library. Your contribution via on the Washington County Community Foundation's annual giving day in Fall helps us meet goals that bring additional money to your library. Stop by the library to fill out a donation form. You may also donate over the internet using> Your contribution via on the Washington County Community Foundation's annual giving day in Fall (Sept. 12, 2018) helps us meet goals that bring additional money to your library.In additition, we are registered with Benevity, which is useful to know if your employer offers matching grants.

Suggested Giving Levels: Become a Railway Magnate by giving over $2001; Be an Engineer when you give $1,000 to $2,000 or a Conductor by giving between $500 and $999; join the Redcaps with a contribution between $100 and $499 or be a Brakeman by giving $56 to $99; ride in our Parlor Car with a contribution of $35 to $55; become a Passenger by giving $20 to $34. Or simply give at whatever level is meaningful to your budget. Donors who give $25 dollars or more recieve our "I Climbed Aboard" string backpack. Simply remind the staff, who probably are not aware of what's in that envelope you just handed them!


Memorials are special gifts given to the library in honor of another person or group. If you would like a memorial form, click here. If you cannot open the link, you might need.

2023 Memorials

In memory of Betty Bataglia from Audrey Knight and Family.

2023 Sponsors

Junior Library Guild Books: Roscoe Borough, 2023.

WAGGIN Network 2023:

Budd Baer Subaru Share the Love: this program provides children's materials. In 2023 all 14 Wahington County libraries will receive a Best Books for Babies collection, as well as substantial support for our July Library Extravaganza in Mingo Park.

January donors:

Fundraisers and Offers

Fundraisers are an important source of income for the library. We offer a variety of different fundraisers seasonally and throughout the year. In addition, several businesses have provided special offers that support the library.

Current Fundraisers

  • Our Annual Used Book Sale is held in August during California's Riverfest, as well as sometime in the Spring. But we always have a cart and rack in the library filled with used books, just waiting for you to provide a new home.

  • Actuallly, we have taken to leaving up the book sale tables year-round.
  • Handy last-minute gifts: American Traditions woven baskets in several styles, from $20 to $36. Cloisonne pins with bookmark: feature the library building, of course. Ivory stationary featuring a brown pen-and-ink drawing of our historic building, 2.50. Historic maps of California, $12.